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Creating beauty: That ‘Tony’ Factor

Tony Peng is in the serious business of beauty. He creates fabulousness wherever he waves his Envie wand – a welcome breath of fresh air for Bloem!
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Klein Lia-Mari se pad na gesondheid begin

Klein Lia-Mari het die afgelope paar maande ‘n bekende naam geword in Bloemfontein. Sy’s nog nie ‘n jaar oud nie, en mamma Mari Janse van Vuuren het hierdie week ‘n gedeelte van haar lewer vir Lia geskenk.
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Video of the week: Bears scared away by a 20 pound French Bulldog

If ever there was a doubt in your mind that dogs are man’s best friends, just watch as this courageous little French Bulldog protects his master’s home from two (arguably not that threatening) bears.
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THE FACTS: What music means for your baby’s development

It’s a well-known fact that music is a vital part of baby development. If someone told you playing to your child during early development, or even while still in the womb, could give you a smarter, happier child, you’d probably start thumbing through your CD collection. After all, every parent wants to give their child a head start in life. But can music really increase your child’s brain power?
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Recipe: The quickest super sesame seed bars

Tiny, crunchy, nutty … sesame seeds may be small but they have huge health benefits. Full of zinc, an essential mineral for producing collagen and giving skin more elasticity, they promote healthy, beautiful skin, with five grams of protein per two tablespoons, they’re a great source of protein, particularly in vegetarian diet, and they’re rich in fibre, so boost digestive health.
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Travelling with your dog in tow

More and more we see dogs shifting roles from “watch guard” to “part of the family”, meaning that holidays are now, more than ever, being planned with pets in mind. Great news for dogs around the country, but this does mean that a little more planning and preparation is needed, to ensure your hounds are travel ready.
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Foto’s van Gariepdam wys hoe erg die droogte is

Die huidige droogte in die Vrystaat het boere én watergebruikers aan die strot beet. Hierdie treffende fotos van die Gariepdam plaas die krisis in perspektief. Geneem deur Maricelle Botha.
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