Santa Shoebox goes virtual

Do you want to contribute to this year’s Santa Shoebox project, but don’t live anywhere near a collection point? Here’s how you can do your part.
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Maak só skenkings vir Ons Kinderhuis in Bloemfontein

Talle trane is gestort oor die stoor van Ons Kinder- en Jeugsorgsentrum in Bloemfontein wat afgebrand het.
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Volledige pamperlangsessie tuis: Hoe om alles self te doen

Dit is hoogtyd dat jy ‘n uur of twee uit jou skedule neem om jouself te pamperlang. Trek die deur toe, steek kerse aan en geniet dit!
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DIY Chocolate and sparkling, pineapple Gift

For those who love creative gifts or are looking for something surprising and inexpensive, a very cool idea is to make a Stuffed Pineapple like that, using chocolates and sparkling! Choose brands of your choice and follow the step by step! It is very easy to do, check it out:
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Mamma-blogger praat reguit oor depressie in video

Bekende Bloemfonteinse Mamma-blogger, Cathy de Lange, slaan die spyker op die kop met haar video oor depressie.
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‘You strike a woman, you strike a rock’

We are women from every part of South Africa. We shall not rest until we have won for our children their fundamental rights of freedom, justice, and security. – Taken from a Petition presented to the Prime Minister on 9 August 1956.
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KYK: Angel Hearts werker dans heerlik terwyl niemand kyk nie

“Dans asof niemand kyk nie…”
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