Liplekker karamel melktert

27 Februarie is Nasionale Melktertdag! Dit is ‘n groot genoeg rede om sommer dadelik die voorskoot aan te sit en te begin bak – hou sommer ‘n gróót stuk eenkant net vir jou!
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Comfort fashion: Earthy inspiration

Fashion is not synonym with sparkle, fancy clothing and precise makeup. Let the earth inspire your style on the days you feel like wearing flats and comfortable fabrics.
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Get to Know

André laat sy stem hoor

André Venter is ‘n hartebreker én ‘n gesinsman. Met sy Romanz-loopbaan vir eers op die kantlyn, gooi hy nou al sy energie in sy nuwe lewe saam met sy vrou en drie kinders in. Get It het hom gepols oor sy drome en passies.
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Margaret Linström: Whole(30)some and fabulous!

Dining at margaret’s is a feast for more than just the taste buds. As an official food blogger for the international Whole30 eating programme, this Bloem beauty’s passion for good food is contagious. Lani Fouché popped in for a chat and left with bags full of inspiration.
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What to buy for him/her this Valentine’s Day

Gift-giving on Valentine’s Day can be a headache, especially if you and your partner haven’t exactly known each other for decades. We’re here to help!
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For the love of [100% organic] cheese

Martin Rost has had a vibrant passion for the art of making cheese since he can remember. Today – well into his adult life – this German has taken the plunge and is now bringing all natural and organic cheese and yoghurt to Bloemfontein. How lucky are we?
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