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Clockwork magic

Clockwork magic

This season, rustic wooden spools are the talk of the town! Transform your home with ease… from gorgeous bookcases, coffee tables and mirror frames. Wooden spools are a DIY dream. Check out this easy, step-by-step method on how to make your own Spool Clock.
  1. Get your hands on a cable spool (about 92cm) to create this clock. However, you’re welcome to get any eye-catching size. Spools can be found at electrical companies or the local home improvement store. Take note of the spool’s condition and the state of the wood.



  1. To take the spool apart is simple. Unscrew the bolts using reversible ratcheting wrenches. With one spool, you will be able to make two big clocks.

diy-spool-clock-crafts-diy-how-to (1)

  1. Leave the wood as is or paint/stain to your desired finish. The preferred look of the clock is a slight stain. Lightly paint it to create a soft whitewash.

diy-spool-clock-crafts-diy-how-to (2)

  1. You can get beautiful vintage, rustic Roman numerals at any hardware store to create the perfect look for the clock. Using super glue, place the numerals accordingly, with the appropriate spacing.

diy-spool-clock-crafts-diy-how-to (3)

  1. Add the clock mechanism with hands, which can also be obtained from assorted hardware stores, and fit accordingly.


  1. Make sure to measure the interior opening of the centre circle so you purchase the right size shaft mechanism.


  1. Decide where you will place your clock and measure accordingly. Visitors coming to your home will surely envy!

diy-spool-clock-crafts-diy-how-to (4)


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