Suzelle in a nutshell

Suzelle in a nutshell

Julia Anastasopoulos, aka Suzelle DIY has become a hilarious household name in the virtual world of doing it yourself. Get It caught up with her when she recently visited the Primary Girls’ School Oranje, in aid of Elanja Children’s Initiative.

Suzelle, you say you’re a small town girl… where do you come from and what did you do before you became Suzelle DIY?

Well, I come from a gorgeous town called Somerset West. It’s in the Western Cape. I used to work at a guest house called Somerset Guest before my YouTube channel took off.

Why did you decide to post your DIY projects on YouTube?

I just started out making some small videos for fun. My best friend, Marianne, helped and my neighbour, Hennie,
lmed them for me and put them on the line. So, I actually didn’t know how many people were watching my videos until Hennie showed me one day.

How is your own DIY book received by the public?

It was a real passion project. I’m so happy that the people loved it so much. I think they just love having a part of me in their homes.


How would you describe your relationship with your best friend, Marianne?

Marianne is my rock. We have been best friends since Grade 8, when we met in line at the tuck shop. I can’t imagine life without her.

Does a hairdresser do your signature “bolla” for every video, or do you DIY (do it yourself)?

I actually do it myself now but Marianne helped me out in the beginning. She works at the salon for cats and dogs, so
she’s very good with hair.

Your recent video on saving water with Helen Zille was hilariously awkward… isn’t it scary to approach such high profile personalities for your videos?

Suzelle and Helen Zille in her video on how to save water

I was quite intimidated at first by her big entourage and because you have to call her Premier, but once we started filming we became pals and it was very relaxed. She’s a real natural in front of the camera.

Which DIY video has been your favourite and most fun to make thus far?

I love all of my videos but the most fun one was How to make a DIY Aircon. It was so much fun to drill a hole into
a cooler box and see what it looks like inside. Also, we did some cool backgrounds on the green screen so I got to use my acting abilities and pretend I was in different places.

Tell us something about Suzelle that we don’t know.

I love watching reality TV. It calms me. MasterChef is my favourite. I love it so much.

What scares you?

Wasps. In my How to Make a Greenhouse video there was a wasp and I jumped in the pool to escape it.

What makes you laugh?

Funny komments from my fans on my YouTube and I’ve recently discovered memes. What a LOL.

Do you have a fond memory of or a special bond with Bloemfontein?

I’ve only been to Bloemfontein once as part of a road trip with Marianne. We went to the Mystic Boer and it was a real party.

Suzelle and Marianne

Suzelle and Marianne

What can we be on the lookout for in Suzelle DIY’s career?

Well, I’ve got some big tricks up my sleeve but I don’t want to give anything away. All I can say is keep your eyes on
my Facebook and Instagram for updates.

(Photo: Ari Kruger)

(Photo: Ari Kruger)


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