Getting a little cheeky with the girls of CheekiFig

Getting a little cheeky with the girls of CheekiFig

Meet the gorgeous girls of CheekiFig Brand Visionaries, Petrie van der Walt and Irma du Toit. Together, they’re using their talents and passion to empower women with more than just wardrobe knowledge, taking them on a beautiful journey of self-discovery.

This gorgeous pair hits it out of the park when it comes to style, looking good and feeling great. “It’s all about becoming your true self – discovering your real identity. You have to dig deep and uncover your true potential, what you want in life, your passion and your goal in life. When that is done, it will filter through to your outer appearance,” explains Irma.

Let’s start at the basics – CheekiFig is a fantastic collaboration between two Bloem ‘creatives’. Irma is co-founder of
CheekiFig and the founder of IDT, which focuses on identity styling, personal branding, and personal development.
She joined forces with Petrie, owner of CheekiCherri Trendstore in 2nd Avenue, and co-founder of CheekiFig, who shares her desire to uplift women through a beautiful journey of wardrobe development and personal growth. “Irma was a loyal Cheeki customer and we grew close as friends,” explains Petrie. “We realised that our hearts were
in exactly the same place in terms of personal style development for women and our collaboration into CheekiFig was something that happened naturally.”

The process of identity styling is extremely unique. Irma and Petrie assist their clients in discovering their true identity first – their passions and dreams in life. The identity style profiing is one of the keys they use to unlock the blueprint of the clients as individuals. With this comes the discovery of their true style – their “default setting”, if you may. “It’s something that works from the inside out. Your appearance manifests from who you are on the inside – your personality, emotions, hopes and dreams,” explains Irma.

Following this journey of discovery, Petrie and Irma get started by consulting clients on how to put together a wardrobe that best complements their whole being. “The great thing is, we dive into our clients’ closets and work with the clothes they already have. If they need a few key items, CheekiCherri assists them according to their style profile to complete their look,” Petrie explains.

These fashion fairies also work their magic within corporate environments by awakening the full potential of the
organisation and the brand ambassadors. CheekiFig strives to assist companies’ employees to ‘be, do and look the
part’, in bridging the gap between corporate clothing and embracing the distinctiveness of their sta . “We strive
to align the staff’s personal brand with the company brand,” explains Petrie. Irma assists individuals to discover
their identity style profile, whereas Petrie ensures that the alignment of individual style and the company’s vision takes place. CheekiFig has worked with the likes of OFS Smart repair, CPI and Salvo Capital to develop cultures where brand ambassadorship is cultivated.

So whether it’s a personal or corporate journey – Petrie and Irma are the ones to call. “Remember, you are a brand. An identity. Everything you do, think, say or want to do, is part of your brand,” says Irma. “Those memories you may have dismissed as insignificant, like what you wanted to become when you were little – it all has to do with your brand. Your big picture. Your blueprint – the story of your life. We’re here to help you develop just that – and make your story visible.”

For more information and a FREE analysis of your style profile, visit their website here. 

Contact Petrie or Irma at,, or visit their website at


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