10 things to do with your disposable mascara wand

10 things to do with your disposable mascara wand

The next time you want to through away your disposable or used mascara wand, just wait a second. There are so many nifty hacks you can use it for.

When it comes to make-up tools, most ladies know that these tools have more than one use. One nifty little item you might not have known had many different uses is the disposable mascara wand. These mini brushes can do way more than just make sure eyelashes look perfect.

Here are few handy hacks using your little disposable wands.

Groom a bit
The most obvious use of disposable mascara wands is to groom eyebrow. Keep one in your make-up bag and use it to brush out your penciled-or-powdered-in brows to help soften the look.

Touch up those roots
This might sound a bit weird but any woman who struggles to colour those roots each month will appreciate this tip. Disposable wands are the perfect size when the need arises to bleach or colour those roots but not the rest of your hair.

Removing cuticles safely
Your mother has probably told you to never cut your cuticles as for some reason it only makes the problem worse and can cause unnecessary pain. You can however use your disposable mascara to get rid of this little problem. Just squirt some cuticle oil or remover on your cuticles and rub it in to get them nice and soft. Then start scrubbing and use your wand to gently brush your cuticles. Cuticles, be gone.

Tame those fly-aways!
We all have those days when our hair game is so close to being on point, if it just wasn’t for those darn fly-aways. Just use a bit of hair spray and your disposable wand to gently brush down those little hairs without disturbing the rest of your look.

Smooth over your look
When applying mascara, especially when you are in a hurry, it very often leaves your lashes looking clumpy and stuck together. Use your disposable wand to gently undo the damage and brush through your lashes to get rid of any clumps.

Clean up
When cleaning your nails many woman tend to use sharp objects, which can be painful. Rather opt for your disposable mascara wand and use it like a toothbrush to gently remove any dirt from under your fingernails.

Exfoliate those lips
Looking for a great way to get rid of flaky lips? Simply apply a bit of lip balm and grab your wand to gently brush off any dead skin. Make sure you apply a bit of balm again afterwards.

Handy cleaning tool
Use your wand to clean in between small spaces like your keyboard, your jewellery and even the lint catcher in your blow-dryer. It fits into small spaces perfectly and the brush allows it to gently clean.

Applying lash or brow treatments
There are a lot of ladies who swear the daily application of castor oil can make your lashes and brows grow longer and thicker. If you are keen to try it, a disposable mascara wand is the perfect tool for application.

Try some nail art using your wand
Your nails will most definitely look great with a bit of texture – just dip the brush in a bit of nail polish and roll it across your nail.


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