Brow business – how to get your eyebrow shape just right

Brow business – how to get your eyebrow shape just right

We happen to think the brows are quite an important feature of the face and they’re stealing beauty headlines everywhere. We rounded up our best eyebrow tips and tricks from Sorbet’s beauty expert, Nienke de Wet.

Yes, the brows are important! Your brows define your features and for some the brows can be their main focal point. Science has also proved eyebrows are the most important facial feature depicting emotional expression and facial

Trend alert
The eyebrow trend for 2016 leaned towards a fuller, ‘messier’ look. The hottest eyebrow trend for 2017 is, without a
doubt, microblading. Microblading creates that natural, full, yet subtle, arched brow-look that we are yearning for this season.

Make no mistake
Eyebrows can make or break the beauty of the face. One of the biggest mistakes a woman can make is fixing a unibrow by over-widening the gap and tweezing too much off the  top of the brows. The best way is to rather follow
the natural shape of the brow,  even if you think the shape is unconventional.

Que the professionals
The good old late night tweezer session at home might have been enough your whole life, but it’s time to step up
your eyebrow game by visiting a professional. As mentioned earlier, the eyebrows are the most important
facial feature. Take pride in your appearance. Let a beauty expert help with the shaping, waxing and/or tinting of your brows.

How to find your perfect brow shape:

The very first thing you need to do is determine the shape of your face. Round faces look better with arched and shapely brows to add more dimension, whereas squared-shaped faces should have slightly rounded arches.

Here are a few steps to create a proper eyebrow shape:

1  Place a brush or pencil alongside the outside corner of your nose and inner corner of your eye. This will indicate where your eyebrow should start.

2  Place the brush on the outside corner of the nose again but this time ending at the outside corner of the eye. This
indicates where your eyebrow should end.

3  Align your brush from the tip of the nose with pupil of the eye to determine where the arch of the brow should be.

4  Brush eyebrow hair upwards to see if there are uneven lengths. Trim the hair by sliding scissors alongside the brow in direction of hair growth – never against.

5  Line the brows with an eyebrow pencil, above and below the brow with a colour that best suits the brows.

6  Choose a coloured pressed powder that matches the eyebrow pencil colour. Apply by using an angled brush and
make sure to apply in dashlike strokes to mimic natural hair.

7  Brush through the eyebrow hair again to make sure the powder and liner are blended well.

8  Finish off with a light coloured eyeshadow underneath the eyebrow, on the brow bone, to create a softer look.


Opting for brow tattoos?

There is definitely more than one golden rule when it comes to tattooing the eyebrows because it is semi-permanent. The very first rule is to make sure that the technician doing your eyebrows is licensed and certified. Also see that she has photos of previous clients. Even though the technician measures the brows according to your facial features, make sure to communicate with the technician on how you would like your eyebrows shaped so that the brows are not too thick or too thin.

Make sure to ask the technician about aftercare procedures such as avoiding direct sunlight, not picking at or scratching the area and applying post-care cream.

Our eyebrow expert, Nienke de Wet

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