PROMOTION: Power Partners at Nova Refrigeration and Catering

PROMOTION: Power Partners at Nova Refrigeration and Catering

Unstoppable partnerships and great management teams all have one thing in common: good relationships. These powerful colleagues at NOVA Refrigeration and Catering have their heads in the right place.

Friends become family in this professional setting. NOVA Refrigeration and Catering is a well-known local company which specialises in refrigeration and catering equipment.

Brains behind the business Pieter le Roux is the owner of NOVA Refrigeration and Catering, and is responsible for generating business by doing quotes and overseeing all important operational aspects of the company.

Jessica van der Merwe is the brains behind the numbers and admin. She manages in-store operations and fulfills general management duties.

Carmen Smith manages the catering division of the company. She oversees all catering quotes, orders and sales, and makes sure the correct stock lands in the hands of the clients. She also does procurement and is absolutely fantastic at her job.

André Mynhardt is the technical manager and runs the technical assistance section. He’s also responsible for  providing quotations and facilitates the training of new and existing technicians.

Better together 

Now that we’ve got to know the names behind the success of the company, we can definitely learn more about
how they manage to create a thriving working environment and work together successfully as a team. “Together we make up a great team with different strong points that complement each other’s weak points.” They have a total of 60 years’ experience in the business among the four of them. Each team member brings a strong set of skills and positive characteristics to the table to contribute to the success of the company. Pieter has and maintains excellent client relationships, which ensures loyalty among their clientele. His endless knowledge in his field makes him unmissable in this industry.

Pieter says: “Jessica is extremely disciplined in her work. She knows her trade very well. Quality and customer satisfaction is vital to her. She is an indispensable part of the team.” Which brings us to Carmen, who is the
best problem solver of the bunch. “This lady sorts out any crisis by remaining calm and professional,” adds Jessica. She is also an amazing sales person with the biggest product knowledge.

André is a brilliant technician and does not fall short on knowledge. He is also a stand-in for Pieter when he is absent. Open communication As things go, any team within a professional setting has to handle conflict time and again. At NOVA Refrigeration and Catering, they make sure they follow guidelines as per company policy and keep their communication open and honest at all times. “We make sure that any given situation doesn’t get to a stage of con ict. That way we can work in a calm, conducive environment.”

Proudly local

NOVA Refrigeration and Catering is certainly a unique business in Bloemfontein. They make it easy for individuals or companies who make use of their services, because they do not have to travel for high standard services and products in this industry. “No job is too big or too small for us to handle. We travel all over the country to assist our clients.”

NOVA’s vision states that by using the most cost- and energy efficient equipment on the market, they strive to be completely eco-friendly. Yay to that! As mentioned earlier, this bunch is a tight-knit team. They support each other
within the working environment, as well as after hours. Whether it is helping each other fetch kids or taking a colleague’s pet to the vet. “Life gets busy and it is important to support one another. We want to maintain balance and foster good relationships,” says Pieter.

If this doesn’t make you feel all warm and-fuzzy, what will?

Contact NOVA Refrigeration and Catering at 051 522 2653 or visit them at 186 OR Tambo Rd, Oranjesig.

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