PROMOTION: Power Partners at Oranje Toyota Bloemfontein

PROMOTION: Power Partners at Oranje Toyota Bloemfontein

Unstoppable partnerships and great management teams all have one thing in common: good relationships. These powerful colleagues from Oranje Toyota Bloemfontein, Hino Oranje and Lexus Bloemfontein and have their heads in the right place.

These three powerhouses fall under the same business unit and those involved make the magic happen in the automotive industry. We get to know the masterminds and helpful hands behind Oranje Toyota Bloemfontein,
Hino Oranje and Lexus Bloemfontein.


At Oranje Toyota, the team focuses on creating a wow factor for clients. “For us, it is not about the vehicle you are buying, but rather the purchase experience and selecting your new vehicle.”

Proudly local 
The team is rather new, which means new ideas and fresh inspiration. “Our culture in business is to look after Bloemfontein and to be a local contributor to the economy. We’re always looking out for new ways to contribute to job creation in the city.” Oranje Toyota is a big contributor to job creation in the City of Roses and is extremely proud to be able to do this. There are countless pros to working in the City of Roses. “As Bloemfontein is a rather small city, it is vital for businesses to invest in this city.” They look at it in a family mindset, with the focus on support and encouragement. “Our responsibility is towards the business first, but if our Bloemfontein market and people are suffering, we need to look at what’s happening. We want to look after the interests of our city.”

Dynamic individuals
At Oranje Toyota, each team member focuses on bringing his or her own unique, positive traits to the table in
order to increase the success of the entire team. Each person takes full responsibility for his or her clients and makes sure that all their needs are tended to. “We are definitely at our strongest when we stand together and assist each other in our own departments.” Also, energy and liveliness is key! “We have a young and energetic team with
a great attitude. We do not quit. We will always try our best to give the best possible service and we will not walk
away from any transaction, unless it is illegal or against our business policies.”

Altus Moolman (Sales Manager, Lexus), Rian Geel (Service Manager, Hino), Ernst Schlechter (Parts Manager, Toyota, Lexus and Hino), Vic Angerer (Service Manager, Toyota and Lexus), Erwin Stolze
(Dealer Principal, Hino), Jonathan Stephenson (Dealer Principal, Toyota and Lexus), Jacques Cloete (Sales Manager, Automark), Morné Weldhagen (Sales Manager, Toyota).

Conflict… what conflict?
As in any environment with multiple forces, conflict situations can definitely arise. At Oranje Toyota, the team opts
to follow an approach to conflict prevention. “Our customers come first in our business. Our goals and values
set the ground rules and when conflict does arise, we handle it swiftly and with grace. Tomorrow we carry on without
any grudges.”

Keeping things light
Keeping things positive helps this team to thrive on a daily basis. “We try to only focus on the things that we can control and forget about those we can’t. Happy staff will give you their best.” The core values at Oranje Toyota
speak volumes of their great cohesion and spirit of serving: Communication, loyalty, integrity, honesty, respect, truthfulness and helpfulness.


While Hino Oranje falls under the Toyota group of companies, it is an entity on its own and operates separately. Hino Oranje serves the Free State, Northern Cape and Lesotho. “We provide world class after sales service, parts  supply and expert new and used commercial vehicle sales support.”

Hands-on team
The team at Hino Oranje is one strong, dynamic team which doesn’t stand back for a challenge. But the expertise doesn’t end here. The has a team of four technicians, including two master technicians who qualify
annually for the regional Workshop Skills Competition. The sales team consists of three sales consultants, including one Hino Learnership programme candidate who is to qualify by the end of the year. The success behind this remarkable Hino team, is undoubtedly their hands-on approach. “We believe in working hard, but also having
fun. The team shares one vision of total Hino support, and exceptional customer service.” Each member of the management team brings skills and knowledge to the table that are vital to the business. Each member has an extremely good relationship with each one of his colleagues. This creates high morale and cohesion within the team.

We believe in working hard, but also having fun. The team shares one vision of total Hino support, and exceptional customer service.

The winning recipe
The Hino team makes use of a great formula when it comes to those inevitable moments of conflict. “We have a policy to discuss issues openly and honestly as and when they occur.” The service that Hino offers to the market of Bloemfontein and the Central SA region, is of vital importance to its market and the economy. “Bloemfontein is the hub for the Free State and serves as the main business centre, supporting the smaller towns in its footprint. A large investment was made in the form of a world class dealership, providing the commitment to serve the market.”

Leading with a smile
How do they make light of a difficult situation? With humour, of course! “Leaders have to be able to possess the skill to make light weight of seemingly impossible tasks.”


Lexus prides itself in selling premium brand vehicles and delivering top notch service to its clients. Working together as a team comes naturally for this dynamic group of people. “The responsibility lies with each and everyone working for Lexus to make our clients happy.”

Aiming for greatness
“Every person working for Lexus has his or her strong points. But the success ultimately lies in the diversity of each
person’s strong points. That is what makes us great. At Lexus, we sell premium brand vehicles to premium class customers. “We cater for the person who wants the best of the best. We are the only Lexus dealer servicing the Free State, Northern Cape, North West and Eastern Cape.”

The business’ core values speak of their commitment to great service: Respect for one another, making the most of each moment, and being motivated and strong minded.


Get in touch with each one of these units by phoning 087 350 6410, or hop onto their website. They’re located at the Corner Nelson Mandela Drive and Muller Street, Langenhoven Park.

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