Bloem Besties Liz and Leanne cook up a storm

Bloem Besties Liz and Leanne cook up a storm

These petite Bloem girls have got big appetites. Their friendship revolves around food – and it’s evident on the popular M-net reality series My Kitchen Rules that they are passionate about their friendship and their quinine! We had a chat with Liz Nass (37) and Leanne van den Berg (32) about their experience on one of SA’s popular foodie shows so far.

Get It:      Thanks for keeping Bloem’s name high! What has been your proudest moment on the competition so far?

L&L:     Just making it to the top 8 teams is an honour and privilege! Our proudest moment has been when judge David Higgs referred to our main course as ‘the most memorable dish of the season yet’. And certainly when we danced in the kitchen – we’ve had so much fun!


How did you become friends?

We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and spotted the food craziness in each other immediately. We connected on a different level that led to having that one special friend that shares your crazy addictive food passion!


What are your day jobs?

 Liz: I’m the owner of a strategic marketing business. I develop marketing strategies and signature events for clients.

 Leanne: I own a business development business. I design unique business development plans and acquisition campaigns to optimize your business.

We are also working together on a new innovative Sport Media concept that will be launched very soon in South Africa. Very exciting times for our partnership!!


So… food is the centre of your friendship?

Food was the reason for our first conversation and from there we have not stopped exchanging ideas and concepts around food. Food brings our families and friends together.

We are already planning several such foodie occasions. My (Leanne’s) birthday party, our annual friend’s Christmas dinner under the stars this year… etc. Food also brings music and people together, and this year we are helping the Bloemfontein Children’s Choir that are performing with Mathys Roets on the 4th of November to treat their VIP guests to a special food treat.

What are you plans if you win this competition?

We would love to tour South Africa with a food truck doing “instant /pop up“  restaurants in town, where guests can book, and be served by us personally.

We want to cook around the globe, and we have a concept ready to roll out promoting South African food and flavours in Europe. Lastly, we’d like to have our own product range for export, and we’d like to keep on cooking on TV!


Name one characteristic of each other that’s slightly annoying…

Leanne about Liz: When she bakes, she leaves a huge mess and she doesn’t clean up, BUT in the end when that sweet treat is done… oh my, it was all worth the mess!

Liz about Leanne: Her preciseness sometimes get me.


…and name one that’s truly admirable.

Leanne about Liz: She never gives up, no matter what! She will go to the ends of the world to make sure her creations are perfect, and I respect her determination and enthusiasm.

Liz about Leanne: She’s innovative, determined and she has a rare ability to create ‘never-done-before’ dishes!


What’s your must-have kitchen gadget(s)?

Leanne: My de-boning knife and a smoker!

Liz: My electric hand beater, sieve & rolling pin – oh, and measuring cups!


What do you do for fun?

Liz:  Shop till I drop, play with my kids, spa days with my husband or friends!

Leanne: Spending time on the farm, being outdoors and chasing sunsets with my kids and



What lessons are you bringing back home that the MKR experience has taught you?

Liz: Taste while cooking! Follow your gut and get back to basics. It is all about interpretation. Love what you do and have fun while you cook.

Leanne: Stay true to yourself. It’s impossible to please everyone, but if you cook from the heart , there will be soul and love in your food. You are stronger that you think! As a mom, you tend to do everything for everyone around you and stop doing what you love. But I have learnt that you have to stop every now and do something that you love. MKR has given me that opportunity to just focus on what I love to do for a while. It has been a tough but memorable journey that I’ll never forget!

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