Let’s talk lashes: We asked an expert

Let’s talk lashes: We asked an expert

With your eyes being the windows of your soul, you’d better keep those curtains in tip-top shape! Local beauty guru, Michelle Millar, breaks basic lash care down for us.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I want less lashes”? Nope. That’s because it’s something we all want more of. With some tender love and care, you can make your lashes look, well, luscious.

So, let’s break it down. Hair production occurs in the following three phases: growth phase (anagen), cessation phase
(catagen) and resting phase (telogen). Once the cycle has been completed, the hair enters the shedding phase, exogen, and a new cycle will begin.


The number one lash enhancer that we all use, is mascara. There are loads of different ones to choose from, but you
have to be at least a bit educated before hitting the pharmacy shelves.

Lengthening mascara: This mascara forms a tube-like base over your own lashes to make them seem longer and
fuller. It typically contains plastic polymers made of nylon or rayon that cling to the lashes and extend them beyond the tip, making them appear longer.

Thickening/volumising mascara: If you feel you have thin, limp lashes, then look out for this mascara on the shelves. It will add volume without a heavy, overdone look. The formula normally contains silicone polymers and special waxes, as well as a stronger pigment to create more volume.

Curling mascara: Ideal for a very straight or poorly defined lash. This mascara contains filmifying polymers that contract once it’s applied, making the lashes lift and create shape.

Smudge proof/waterproof mascara: For those who want their makeup to last and withstand long hours. This mascara is a great option if you are a bride so that no tears will ruin your perfect look. It’s also ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities. It has a wax-oil base to make it waterproof/resistant. Shellac and polymers are used to cling to the lashes to avoid smudging. Remember: This mascara can dry the lashes over time so use sparingly.

Zero clumps mascara: If you find that your lashes still clump with application, regardless of the formula, you might be applying your mascara in the wrong way, or the formula might not work for your lashes. Try using a formula that contains silk and glycerine to avoid clumping, or take less product and apply from the root to the tip in a wiggling motion to separate your lashes while applying.

Lash defining mascara: An all-in-one mascara that provides volume, length and colour. It is also waterproof. It has
a thicker and heavier consistency with special filmifying polymers for thickness, as well as gloss and strong pigments for defining colour with nylon fibres that offer length.

Top tip: Replace your mascara every three months as it tends to dry out and can damage your lashes if it gets old.


Stay a bit longer

Not all of us are blessed with great lashes and if you are one of those who want more, you can use fake lashes to enhance them, may it be semi-permanent or more permanent.

Strip lashes: These are a solid strips of lashes that you apply with a latex glue onto your own lashes for a semi-permanent lash enhancer. They will come off with an oil base makeup remover. You get lots of different shapes and sizes but normally you need to cut the edges to fit your eyes. This is a perfect option for events or photo shoots.

Individual lashes: These are separate lashes that you apply piece by piece. You can do a full set or half set, just as you wish. They come in long, medium and short and give a more natural look, perfect for any bride, function or event. I love using these and they are my favourite semi-permanent lash enhancer.


Something a bit more permanent…

If you want a more permanent solution then lash extensions are for you. Note, girls: Individual lashes and lash extensions are not the same thing. Lash extensions are used to enhance the length, curl and thickness of your
own lashes.

There are three kinds of lash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. They come in different lengths and thickness. Once you have selected your choice, they are applied one at a time using a special formulated adhesive. They are permanent and fall out with the natural growth of your hair. They can be filled and it’s recommended that you go for a fill every 3-4 weeks.

For extended lashes, it’s recommend to use a special mascara that is not oil based. This helps your lashes last longer.
Noir Mascara (like this one below from Marc Jacobs – Red Square) works well will lash extensions.


Michelle Millar owns The Look Salon.
Contact her at 084 304 4477.

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