Tips to keep your loved ones safe around water these holidays

Tips to keep your loved ones safe around water these holidays

The upcoming holidays will once again see many individuals making their way to dams, rivers and the beaches. We have become accustomed to tragedies happening during holiday times. The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has annually experienced casualties of drowning and therefore has issued the following warning of safety when near water:
  • Holiday goers are requested to stay away from dams and rivers when intoxicated.
  • Do not fish using nets that require one to go inside the water.
  • Do not contaminate rivers and dams by littering.
  • Don’t swim in rivers and dams; you risk drowning or contracting water-borne diseases.
  • Do under no circumstances leave children unattended around water.
  • Always have a designated adult appointed to watch over young children near water. It takes a split second of  neglect for a drowning to take place.
  • Never allow a young child in the pool without an adult, regardless of how confident you may feel.
  • Don’t allow a young child to play in the vicinity of an accessible swimming pool or sea.
  • Don’t think your child is immune just because they are having swimming lessons. Something as unexpected as  a cramp or strong currant could undermine all their previous training.
  • Flotation devices, nets and fences are no substitute for caution and supervision
  • Learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). This is especially advisable for babysitters, minders, parents and  older siblings
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers programmed on your cell phone and make sure that everyone in the household knows how to access help in such a situation.


Issued by the Department of Water & Sanitation


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