Become an energetic mom (Yes, it is possible!)

Become an energetic mom (Yes, it is possible!)

Being a parent isn’t for the faint-hearted!

Broken sleep night after night, a crying little one and temper tantrum toddlers – all on top of the demands of paying bills, running a household and being a social butterfly.

No wonder it’s all too tempting to reach for a quick fix sugary snack to get boost your energy levels. Sadly, sugar provides quick energy, but after picking you up, it drops you hard and leaves you looking for more

One of the most common complaints is that thanks to our busy lifestyles, we don’t always have the time to go exercise classes daily – so here are some simple easy tips for parents to boost energy and fight fatigue to get through the day:


Take a Leap Outside

If you have very small children – get out with the pram and take a quick walk around the block. This will be good, fresh air and a fresh perspective while getting the body moving. Plus, it will be fun for your children. Pushing a baby and toddler in a pram can be strenuous but is definitely a workout for the body.

Take advantage of playtime with your children and have a race in a nearby park, or roller skate – if its winter, stay indoors and play an active Wii game like tennis or put on some music and dance. What fun!


 Get on a Bicycle Baby!

Ever thought of buying an exercise bike? You can get some great second hand deals online these days on. Why not pop it on your patio where you get your exercise in and still keep an eye on the kiddies playing in the garden? They will love the fact that they can play outdoors and you are around, and you get a mood lift too! You could also use the bike while they take their nap, and you spin to music or a DVD. A little bit of you time.


Get the Family to Gym

If you’re keen on joining a gym and your children are still little, why not look for one that offers a kiddie care centre? What’s great about this option is that you won’t have to worry about them, you’ll be getting your exercise and much needed ‘’me’’ time while the children get to play, engage, burn off some energy and make little friends. Music to our ears!


Consider a Supplement

If you are feeling tired and need an energy boost – consider taking an energy supplement which contains ATP for sustained natural energy, first thing in the morning. Vita-thion® Granules or Vita- thion® Fizzy Tablet also contain vitamin B1 which is required for the release of energy from glucose while Vita-thion® EXTRA contains ATP, vitamin B1 as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals necessary for the maintenance of good health, energy and vitality.

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