Women on the Move Promotion: Meet the CityMed Day Hospital team

Women on the Move Promotion: Meet the CityMed Day Hospital team

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Meet the dynamic team at CityMed Day Hospital.

Who better to run a reputable day hospital like CityMed, than this group of dynamic women? Meet Hanlie Hoffman (Administrative Manager), Shirley Motingwe (Case Manger), Liana van der Linde (Nursing Services Manager), Jana Britz (Managing Director and Financial Manager), Patience Melato (Unit Manager: Wards), Annelize Pieterse (Unit Manager: Theatres) and Vivienne Pistorius (Marketing Manager).


CityMed Day Hospital is the oldest day hospital in the Free State and is turning 23 this year. A trip to CityMed Day Hospital at Preller Square is a total healing experience with the emphasis on patient safety, comfort and wellness. This hospital was established to make private health care more affordable and more accessible to more South Africans. The hospital currently has two theatres and 20 day beds.

What exactly does CityMed Day Hospital provide?

A team of specialist doctors, dentists and nursing staff provide the highest quality of medical care at a price the patient and the medical aid can afford. It offers a large number of medical procedures in various disciplines like dentistry, maxilla facial, plastic surgery, urology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, ear, nose and throat and dermatology as well as pain blocks. None of the procedures require an overnight stay, which minimises medical expenses.

The difference

CityMed is a privately owned hospital and not part of a large corporate company. Each patient will be able to attest to the personal, warm and approachable attitude of staff and doctors. CityMed is also the only day hospital in the Free State situated in a shopping centre which makes it not only more accessible but also more comfortable for the families of patients.

Coming soon…

CityMed is soon to move into its brand-new, larger hospital with 40 beds and four theatres, also on the premises of Preller Square. A new hospital manager has also just been appointed – Jana Britz. Her vision is to establish CityMed as the blueprint for day hospitals in South Africa.

What is day surgery?

It’s actually quite simple… It’s the admission of a patient to a day hospital for an elective surgical procedure that does not require the patient to stay overnight. How convenient is that?

Extremely beneficial

When using a day hospital, there is a minimum disruption to the lives of the patients. This is because the procedure is being done on the same day as admittance and no overnight stay is required. Recovery time is also speedier in nearly all cases. The risk for acquiring a hospital infection is reduced. This type of surgery is also more cost effective than acute hospital admissions.


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