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PROMOTION: Konica Minolta celebrates 3 decades of thrilling success

PROMOTION: Konica Minolta celebrates 3 decades of thrilling success

This local company has stood the test of time and has bloomed into one of the most trusted suppliers of multifunctional copiers in Southern Africa. Konica Minolta Business Solutions is truly a gem in the City of roses.

Looking back
Konica Minolta Business Solutions was established in 1988. It started with only eight employees and was then known as OVS Minolta. The name of the business was changed to Bloemfontein Minolta in 1993 and it operated from the premises of what is now known as Mystic Boer. With the international amalgamation of Konica and Minolta, the local brand name changed to Konica Minolta. The changes brought new opportunities to the Free State business as well, and soon the partners were looking for new premises. They moved into the new Konica Minolta House premises at 108 Zastron Street in 2009.

The company is built on three very strong core values: Customer Delight, Continuous Improvement and Integrity. When dealing with any of the 66 employees, the dedication and strive for excellence are palpable. The team, led by directors Frans Potgieter and Ronaldo Scholtz under the leadership of CEO, Ryno Opperman, is forward thinking and always looking for ways to put customers in a position to enhance their individual businesses.

The personnel at Konica Minolta Business Solutions is constantly coming up with new innovations. The company is actively looking for ways to improve the business of its customers. One such innovation is the Managed Print Solution which has been implemented at the CUT campus. This has proven to be so successful that an opportunity has been granted to implement the same solution at the library and other student facilities at the UFS. The company commissioned the bespoke software and then customised it to fit the exact requirement of the customer. The  software allows students to use their cards as a copier credit card, which places them in a position to seamlessly manage their day-to-day activities on campus, while allowing the CUT as customer the ability to manage its office’s
automation budget.

Embracing the new
According to Ryno, customers in the Free State are on the forefront of technological development. “Their needs are sophisticated and their businesses can compete with the best in the marketplace. This is one of the core drivers of their success,” he says. In order for Konica Minolta them to service the best, it has to be the best. This ties in strongly with the company’s drive for continuous improvement as all staff members are encouraged to upskill. This dedication to knowledge improvement is valid in all departments, from sales, to engineering and finance. The highly
skilled technical personnel is trained to pass the highest quality standards as set by the quality control office in
Germany. The Konica Minolta team is dedicated and hardworking, which is the key to the company’s recent success. The disciplined team members are open and honest in their dealings with suppliers and customers alike.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions has recently received the National Dealer of the Year award at a gala event at
Fairway Hotel Spa and Golf resort in Randburg. Since Konica Minolta South Africa has been recognised as the best supplier of multifunctional copiers in Southern Africa, this award recognises the local dealership as the best of the best. This prestigious award followed the award for best Monochrome Dealer of the Year in 2017, as well as the Coveted Diamond Arrow Award by PMR Africa, which Konica Minolta Bloemfontein now has won two years in a row. The company received this award for being placed first in the category Office Automation in the Free State.

Looking ahead
Konica Minolta Business Solutions has further expanded to now also off er financing and rental options for customers through their rental division (Konica Minolta Rentals). Furthermore, it offers electronic content management and document workflow and process systems. “Gone are the days where a copier is just a copier and a printer just a printer. We off er end-to-end solutions to our customers. We are a proud company and our customers and the relationships with them are a key part of our success.” says Ryno.

Get in touch
Phone Konica Minolta on 051-412-8800, or send an email to info@kmfs.co.za. Online: kmfs.co.za.

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